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Corrective Rhinoplasty


Before & After Secondary Rhinoplasty by Dr. Hodgkinson with Bone & Cartilage Grafts

Secondary Rhinoplasty or Corrective Aesthetic Nose Surgery involves a lot more planning and is techinically more difficult to perform than Primary Rhinoplasty (or a first operation) due to the compromised structure and damaged tissues including scar tissue resultant from previous surgery(ies). Persistence, however, pays off and the results although less predictable than the primary operation offer an improvement to the point that the patient’s appearance is enhanced.

Dr Hodgkinson has?performed thousands of rhinoplasties in his over 30 years experience and approximately 50% of these are Secondary Rhinoplasties.

Perhaps the most common problem which presents from Primary Rhinoplasty is a?”Scooped Out Nose”.? Scooped out noses (or “ski jump noses”) are the results of too much surgery being performed.

Another common problem especially in Asian patients seeking grafts to the dorsum or bridge of their nose is that they present having had injections into their noses or foreign bodies/implants put?in their noses during the original surgery which leads in time to a reaction of more scar tissue, unnatural bumps and even extrusion or a “coming out” of the implant.

The current Australian trend in rhinoplasty is all about the “natural” look that is unique to and fits each patient’s face. Dr Hodgkinson is one of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in Rhinoplasty in Australia. He has published many papers on rhinoplasty for the international medical literature and presents papers as an invited speaker for other plastic surgeons worldwide.

At Dr Hodgkinson’s Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery Clinic the patient can also have a digital imaging done to get a concept of the result they might expect from their Secondary Rhinoplasty procedure.

For more details and bookings please contact our clinic on 02 9362 7400.

For further correspondence on this procedure please send your enquiries to info@drhodgkinson.com.au.au.



Before and After Image Gallery

Female Rhinoplasty Before and After Image Gallery

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