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Complications of injectables

We continue to see problems and complications from Injectables on a week to week basis.

Many unsupervised Nurse Injectors do not offer patients the appropriate treatments especially around the eyes and by injecting into that area in particular, cause lumps, bumps and bruising. Beware, these lumps, bumps and bruises take a long time to resolve.

Recently, we have also seen problems with permanent fillers in the lips with irregularity and granulomatous formation, i.e. lots of bumps that again, cannot be removed and require a surgical approach to address them.

It is very tempting to think that one Injector is the same as another and that the same result will be obtained from the product. In fact, Injectables is another one of those examples whereby, one gets what one pays for.

At the Double Bay Day Surgery, we have 30 years’ experience with Injectables; we never inject permanent fillers. If patients want a permanent or semi-permanent result, we use fat injections which requires having a surgical procedure on an outpatient surgical basis.

Marie-Elena Walsh RN is our nurse injector and under my supervision, Maria-Elena and myself are happy to give you the best advice regarding safe injections but at the same time, steer you away from non-surgical procedures, when in fact, the degree of wrinkling or sagging we know is not amenable to a non-surgical approach. The problem with “backalley” injectors is world-wide and caution should be taken by all.