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Breast Reduction International Study

An international survey study confirms that breast reduction surgery improves not only a patient’s comfort but also the alignment of their spine.  Many high profile women have endorsed the psychological and physical benefits of a breast reduction but only a recent study by Dr Ozmen and Associates, confirms what we have thought, that the posture of a patient and the alignment of the skeleton, especially the thoracic and sacral vertebrae improve after surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is popular with women who have the physical symptoms associated with large D to F bra cup sizes.  The surgery performed on an outpatient surgical basis, benefits these patients significantly, physically, psychologically and now as proven in their musculo-skeletal alignment, so they can now stand tall!

Reference: “The Impact of Breast Reduction Surgery on the Vertebral Column”- Annals of Plastic Surgery, Vol 70, No. 6, 2013, p.639 – Kemal Findikcioglu, Fulya Findikcioglu, Hakan Bulam, Billur Sezgin, Selahattin Ozmen