Breast Enhancement

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson discusses cosmetic breast enhancement

Case Studies

It is often confusing to a prospective breast enhancement patient as to why there are so many varieties of techniques in breast augmentation and types of breast implants to achieve the desired breasts.

Breast enhancement with implants alone can be achieved with round implants when the patient herself has a nice round breast. Either the silicone or the saline can be used and the choice of which implant fill is to be used is one made by consultation between surgeon and patient.

No implant is perfect. All have their advantages and disadvantages. The shape may be round or tear-drop. Fill may be minimal, moderate or full. Don’t forget all implants will ultimately fail, so the prospective patient will need to plan for a replacement surgery later in her life. Some implants like oil and foam soon failed and had to be removed. So beware of the newest products!!

Case Study 1

Case Study 1: Before and after breast augmentation by 
Dr Hodgkinson

A 31 year old Oriental female had virtually no breasts. Her frustration was with wearing fashionable clothes, especially evening wear. A natural 10C cup result was achieved through an incision in the armpit “axilla” – a 280 cc saline smooth walled implant (Mentor manufacturer) was placed in a partial submuscular position to avoid obvious implant “show”.

Case Study 2

Case Study 2: Before and after breast augmentation by 
Dr Hodgkinson

In our second case, the breast tissue is abnormally shaped and here, the implant must be used not only to enhance the breast but also after careful manipulation of the breast tissue and the fold under the breast (the inframammary fold), the implant can re-model the breast tissue.

You can see how the breast fold has changed in position and the old fold must be dispensed with to achieve a nice, fuller lower pole of the breast.

Case Study 3

Case Study 3: Before and after breast augmentation by 
Dr Hodgkinson

A 27 year old female wanted a natural appearing breast and a 10C cup. The distance from her nipple to her fold was very short. To achieve the nice result, a 260 cc style 468 textured saline implant (McGhan) was inserted in a partial submuscular position and the lower pole of the breast released. A new inframammary fold was reconstructed all through a small 3 cm incision.

The decision to enhance your breast is a very important one. Perhaps it is one of the most important decisions you may have made in your life. It must be only taken with knowledge, research and without a sense of urgency.

Dr Hodgkinson’s website is designed to assist patients research their augmentation procedure and make an informed decision.

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