Body Implants

Before and After Buttock Implant Surgery by Dr Hodgkinson

Body implants are used in many forms in cosmetic plastic surgery that?many?people may not be aware of.? Most people know?about breast implants but other implants which?are commonly used include: Buttock, Calf and Pectoral implants.
With modern technology all these implants have been modified considerably over the past 15 years in terms of apperarance and predictability. ?Breast implants now give much more predictable results with a lower incidence of capsular contracture. Continuous research into improving materials and fills have helped extend implant use to other areas of body.

One implant that is gaining popularity is the calf implant. This type of implant can provide a solution for people whose lower leg muscles did not develop normally. These can provide a good option for people who have puny calf?muscles sometimes referred to as?”bird legs”?or have failed to develop normal or symmetrical?calf?muscles as a result of genetic factors, early childhood disease or trauma. Calf implants made of solid silicone polymers are inserted via an incision of about 3.5 cm in length behind the knee, which usually leaves an unnoticable scar in the knee crease.

There is also demand for buttock implants. Potential patients who could benefit from this procedure have very flat or droopy bottoms. Dr Hodgkinson inserts the silicone implants through a curved incision about 7 cm in length in line with the shape of buttocks to achieve the best results. The scar is usually concealed by the contour of buttocks.

Recovery time for both above procedures is 1 to 2 weeks.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr Hodgkinson to discuss the above procedures or any other cosmetic plastic surgical procedure or treatment please contact Marija on 02 9362 7400. For further enquiries please contact Ellie Dalvand on 02 9362 7414 or email:

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