Balanced Features

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Darryl Hodgkinson says an important aspect of any facial rejuvenation procedure is to assess the entire face.

BEFORE & AFTER rhinoplasty and neck liposuction by Dr Hodgkinson
BEFORE & AFTER rhinoplasty and neck liposuction by Dr Hodgkinson

The trend in cosmetic plastic surgery has been to increasingly look at the face or the figure as a whole. Gone are the days of looking at a nose in isolation, or to view the hips and ignore their relationship to the waist.

It is common sense and hence should be common practice to look at all the aesthetic areas of the face or body together. For example, when addressing any given area, such as the nose, the end result for the patient will be an individualised result in which the patient’s nose is not only appropriate for their face but also in balance and harmony with the rest of their facial features.

Some of the hallmarks of an attractive facial profile are the shape of the nose, the contour of the jaw line, including the chin, and the position of the cheekbones. In younger patients, where the skin is still elastic and the neck is full due to residual ‘puppy fat’ and not sagging due to ageing, liposuction performed on the neck can reveal and define the natural jaw line.

A rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping procedure, can also give the nose a more elegant look which, when balanced with the jaw, chin and cheekbones, can make the overall face look more balanced and attractive.