An In-Depth Look at the Innovative Infini Facial Treatment

Infini Facial Treatment

An In-Depth Look at the Innovative Infini Facial Treatment

While there are a number of facial treatments now available to help improve skin quality and target problem areas such as wrinkles, Infini is certainly one of the most promising and innovative options to emerge in quite a while. With plenty of fans in the USA, there is high expectation now that it has reached Australian shores. We take a look at just what to expect from this exciting new treatment for rejuvenated, smooth and luminous skin.

So what is Infini?

Infini is a facial treatment developed by Lutronic that aims to achieve enhanced wrinkle reduction via maximum tissue voluminisation. It works through radio frequency (RF) applied to the skin via insulated gold-coated microneedles. The system allows for specific control over depth and energy levels, ensuring a precise and targeted approach for each client. For many users, the results have been outstanding, producing skin improvements second only to facelift surgery.

Who will it benefit?

Infini may be ideal for people whose skin shows signs of aging (sagging and wrinkles), pigmentation, scarring or acne, and it’s even said to be effective at helping to minimise the appearance of stretch marks and enlarged pores. It’s been developed to achieve maximum results while simultaneously reducing the downtime and discomfort often associated with other well-known, similar procedures such as fraxel laser. And it works with a full range of skin types, including tanned and pigmented skin.

What makes it different?

There are a few reasons why Infini is a standout combining skin needling with RF techniques. In the first instance, it may target deeper tissue than fraxel laser and other traditional RF procedures, able to penetrate the dermis to up to 3.5 mm in depth. It also features Lutronic’s patented ComfortFlow™ technology, created to allow the microneedles to penetrate much more smoothly than traditional needling techniques. This aims to ensure minimal discomfort and a faster recovery time. And finally, it uses a dual channel method of application, meaning that the RF reaches both the epidermis and superficial dermis simultaneously. In short, it’s a tailored, effective and gentle treatment option for skin rejuvenation.

Is it safe?

Infini has already been very well received in the USA, and is TGA and FDA approved. It may also be safely used on patients with pigmented lesions such as melasma.

So where can I try it?

We are the first and only clinic in Sydney and NSW and one of only two in Australia to offer Infini. If you’d like to discover just why Infini is potentially one of the quickest, easiest and most effective procedures for facial rejuvenation, call us today!

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