Abdominal Etching

Before & After Liposculpture with Skin Etching by Dr Hodgkinson

Abdominal Etching more commonly referred to as the rippled or washboard look, is a cosmetic procedure designed to give patients a new abdomen and waist contour.

Abdominal etching might be considered the”cheater’s” way of acquiring six-pack or even eight-pack abs as it produces the appearance of a finely sculpted abdomen, an effect that may not be achieved by weight loss or exercise alone.

Historically liposuction was developed to treat small, localised deposits of excess fat on individuals who were at or near their optimal weight. Over the years, scientific advancements have extended the application to remove larger volumes. Dr Darryl Hodgkinson specilises in both full body liposuction and in sculpting isolated areas of the body by the artful removal of small amounts of fat.

Abdominal etching gives men the washboard or ripped look by combining liposuction with liposculpture to create subtle ripples in the abdominal area, allowing the underlying abdominal muscles to show greater detail achieving a more athletic appearing abdomen. Dr Hodgkinson?selectively removes the fat from the abdomen in a specialised way that actually enhances muscle definition in this area. Most incisions are hidden in the natural body creases of the body and leave very small scras.

The surgery usually takes one to two hours and is performed under general anaesthesia in Dr Hodgkinson’s state of the art licensed and accredited Day Surgery Facility in Double Bay. You will be allowed home several hours after the procedure. Moderate bruising and pain will be experienced for a few days, which can easily be controlled by pain medication. You can shower on the second day after surgery.

A compressive liposuction garment will need to be worn for three to six weeks. Most patients return to work after about three to five days and can resume some aspects of their workout routines after about seven to ten days.

The final results, apparent at about 3 months, will be definition of muscles and contour of the abdomen, and a firmer, flatter, tighter and more athletic abdominal appearance.
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