Tummy Tucks FAQs


    Unfortunately after you have had children (especially large babies or multiple births) your stomach muscles may remain stretched, and while you can strengthen these muscles, no amount of exercise will shorten them.

    If you find the protuberance bothers you when wearing swimwear or fitted clothes, then a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can be an option to regain or even create a flat tummy.

    In fact, as an extra bonus with a tummy tuck the stretch marks on the skin are often also eliminated. Call us at the Clinic for details.

    Tummy-Tuck-before Tummy-Tuck-after

    Before and After Tummy Tuck by Dr Hodgkinson

    This is very common in women who have had a caesarian section. As time goes by the low scar may widen or look crooked and accentuate any bulging over it. The “tummy tuck” procedure (abdominoplasty) can be used here too. The scar can be revised and the abdominal muscles tightened to flatten your stomach.

    preabdom2 postabdom2
    Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) by Dr Hodgkinson