Upgrade In Day Surgery Requirements for Cosmetic Surgery


Dr Hodgkinson says the changes are ‘’overdue’’.  There are many cosmetic surgical facilities which remain either or both unlicensed and unaccredited.  These facilities do not comply to design and more importantly safety standards and literally are a ‘law unto themselves’. The lower fees at such facilities reflect the lack of governance and safety measures in their facilities.banner_img

Dr Hodgkinson remarked, “it is high time that Australia is coming into the 21st century with legislation which will make cosmetic procedures safer for patients.’’   It is incredible that food service facilities require licensure and inspection and surgical facilities are operating without this same oversight.

If you or someone you care about are considering cosmetic surgery, make sure any cosmetic surgical procedure you have is performed in a fully licensed & accredited day surgery or hospital dedicated to plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic Surgery.

Sweeping changes for day surgery requirements for Cosmetic Surgery are welcomed by Dr Darryl Hodgkinson of the Double Bay Day Surgery. Dr Hodgkinson built the Double Bay Day Surgery to the strictest requirements twenty years ago and has maintained and upgraded the facility to ensure it always remains not only state-of-the-art but fully licensed an
d accredited.