TGA Update on Textured Breast Implants


The TGA has chosen not to follow France and Canada and ban textured breast implants but to first demand more information from suppliers. They have given breast implants suppliers 10 working days from 9 April to respond to their demands for further information.

The current update from the TGA can be read here  This is the page to refer to for all recommendations and actions being taken in Australia.

The risk remains low but all women with breast implants should have them checked annually by a breast or plastic surgeon familiar with breast implants. If you have any concerns, please contact your surgeon.

Dr Hodgkinson has not used textured implants in primary breast augmentations.  If you have had breast reconstruction or a  breast augmentation in Sydney by Dr Hodgkinson there is a chance that you may have a textured implant.  Again, patients should have annual check-ups and contact their surgeon if they have any concerns.