How young is too young for cosmetic surgery?

How young is too young for cosmetic surgery?

Young teenagers tend to be unsure of themselves; under 16 or 18 years of age, depending which country of origin it is, a teenager will require parental approval before they undergo cosmetic surgery.  In some operations, especially where there is going to be a permanent change, such as a rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney, the patient should not be operated on until the structures are fully grown; this is usually at the age of 17 or 18.

Similarly, with breasts, it is best to leave any thoughts of breast augmentation surgery, until the patient is at least 18, again because of the growth, maturity and also the responsibility that there is regarding putting an implant into a young person’s body.  It is important for a cosmetic surgeon like Dr.Hodgkinson to assess the maturity of patients. There are many patients of mature age who are just not good candidates for cosmetic surgery because of their “psychological frailty”.  Some boys and girls in their late teenage years are particularly motivated because of their facial or body deformity to have plastic surgery and if they are mature and have the support of their parents, then exceptions can be made and they can go ahead with the surgery to avert them from having a “spoiled identity”.  If the latter occurs, it can restrict the social interaction of young people and may result in social avoidance and isolation; if this can be prevented and/or treated by a surgical intervention, this is certainly a viable and optimal option for some patients.

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