Dr Hodgkinson interviewed on the rise in male cosmetic surgery

Dr Hodgkinson – an expert in cosmetic plastic surgery in Sydney was interviewed by Kate Bastians for the Wentworth Courier for her story on the growth of male cosmetic surgery in Sydney in general and in the Eastern Suburbs in particular.  From facelifts to rhinoplasty, liposuction to pectoral implants, there seems to be a consensus amongst surgeons that the men of Sydney seeking out plastic surgery in on the rise.

Interviewed for the article was one of Dr Hodgkinson’s patients who had undergone male breast reduction surgery in Sydney, known as gynecomastia, at Dr Hodgkinson’s Double Bay clinic and accredited day surgery centre.  The Bondi man said that he sought out a surgical solution with Dr Hodgkinson when his “man boobs” became apparent even when dressed.  He was quoted as saying: “I now go to the beach and train at the gym without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed about my chest”.

Dr Hodgkinson noted that the procedures that men are seeking differ with the various age groups with younger men opting for rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), liposuction/liposculpture procedure and gynecomastia whereas the older males favoured neck and face lifts.  In fact, Dr Hodgkinson said in the interview that “he had seen a fivefold increase in the number of men getting facelifts at his surgery since they opened”.

Why the upswing in male surgery numbers?  Dr Hodgkinson ascribed some of this to the fact that “many men were having cosmetic surgery to remain in the workforce and stay active with a younger spouse” and that cosmetic surgery was no longer “taboo” among men.

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Click above to read the full article from the Wentworth Courier on 20th July 2016.
Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

About Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

Dr. Darryl J. Hodgkinson is recognized world-wide as an expert in cosmetic plastic surgery with more than thirty years of experience in both cosmetic and plastic/reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Hodgkinson did his plastic surgical training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in the United States and is amongst an elite group of a very few surgeons to hold two degrees in plastic surgery from American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons, Canada.

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