Dr Hodgkinson Guest Lecturer at 52nd Congress of Swiss Plastic Surgery


Dr Darryl Hodgkinson was an invited guest lecturer and faculty member at the recent 52nd Congress of Swiss Plastic Surgery held in Lausanne, Switzerland.  He was honoured to have been one of a handful of speakers brought in from overseas from nations including the United States,  France, Brazil & Zimbabwe.

Dr Hodgkinson’s talks were very well received.  He addressed the Congress on facelifting and on his special techniques for combing complete rejuvenation of the neck with the face for an overall natural result.  He was also asked to give a special lecture on how a plastic surgeon came to win the Sydney Hobart yacht race.

Whilst is Switzerland Dr Hodgkinson also visited plastic surgery clinics and day surgery centres in Geneva, Lucerne & Zurich.  He was impressed with the standards in Switzerland both of surgery and facilities and the safety that their regulations provide their public.  These visits reaffirmed not only the importance of surgical qualifications and experience but of the critical role of government standards and licensing for surgical facilities to ensure not only quality but public safety.

Dr Hodgkinson will next be lecturing in Japan where he is an invited faculty member at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting in Kyoto.