Congratulations to Double Bay Day Surgery on 100% Compliance at Recent NSW Health Review


Your Safety is Our Priority!

The Double Bay Day Surgery and Cosmetic & Restorative Surgery Clinic just had their annual review by the NSW Health Department and are proud to announce that they were 100% Compliant with no actions required and no recommendations.  This year they were also 100% compliant with their Accreditation review to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) again with no actions required or recommendations. This is an outstanding achievement and Dr Hodgkinson and all his staff are to be congratulated as well.

Many members of the public are shocked to find out that it has not been a requirement for cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic plastic surgeons to operate in licensed and accredited facilities.  That restaurants and childcare centres require licenses but that facilities (and in many cases rooms) in which surgeons are carrying out cosmetic surgery Sydney do not is something which seems unfathomable and may explain some of the adverse outcomes that have been in the press not to mention those which have not.  In fact it will only come into law in March 2017, through an amendment to the Private Health Facilities Regulation (2010) that was made on 3 June 2016, that cosmetic surgery will be required to take place in facilities that have been approved by and are monitored by NSW Health as well as adhering to national health care standards and being accredited to ensure that these standards are met.

Dr Hodgkinson and his team take safety and quality very seriously and are proud that the Double Bay Day Surgery has been licensed since the day it opened its doors nearly 20 years ago and has always met or exceeded the standards required for both licensing and accreditation.