Accessing your superannuation funds early to pay for cosmetic surgery

When considering cosmetic surgery in Sydney and how to pay for it, prospective patients who don’t have the means to pay up front (and that is no small percentage of people) face many considerations.  Whether it be from using their credit cards to obtaining finance from a bank or working with a lending company that specialises in granting loans for elective medical care, there are interest charges and of course your debt/asset ratio and cash flow to be considered.  Taking out finance can be a positive for your cash flow as it means that you are not paying out a lump sum up front and this can help in the management of expenses over time.

SuperCareWhat most people do not know is that they have the capacity to access superannuation funds to assist in paying for plastic surgery.  Companies like SuperCare are able to assist in providing funding for surgery via the early release of your super.

If you decide to proceed with any cosmetic surgical procedure, be it facelifting surgery, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation,  liposuction or everything in-between, it is important that you make an informed decision not only clinically about the expertise of your surgeon, anaesthetist and the safety of the surgical facility where your procedure will be performed, but also financially.  Patients should not place themselves or their families under undue financial stress for elective cosmetic plastic surgery.  You need to be informed and you need to plan accordingly.

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