7th Eurasian Meeting in Istanbul a Great Success!

A highlight of the meetings that I have attended internationally so far this year was being exposed to some of the best Plastic Surgeons in Europe and from around the world at the prestigious International Eurasian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Course held in Istanbul.

I had the pleasure of presenting my work on Facelifting Sydney in front of a very critical audience and I was delighted by the very positive reception that I received from the paper “Rejuvenation of the Total Neck”.

Peer review is one of the most critical aspects of any profession.  Only by presenting your work to your colleagues at a high level for them to compare and contrast with the work of the world leaders in the field can one assess the quality of one’s work. I take every opportunity to accept invitations to prestigious meetings on every continent to present my work to teach, to learn and for the experiences gained through peer review.