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Our Charity – Operation Restore Hope

Operation Restore Hope Australia was founded by Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson to help less fortunate children in the Philippines with birth defects and deformities especially cleft lip and palate. Since it began, the charity has operated on more than 2,500 children and provided other medical services such as paediatric care, dentistry, orthodontia and speech pathology.

The goal of Operation Restore Hope Australia, in conjunction with our partners in the Philippines, is that no child in the communities in which the charity operates should have to go to school without their lip and palate repaired so that they can have the basic dignity and opportunities offered to other children.

The cost to Operation Restore Hope to repair a cleft is approximately $500 AUD per operation. The more donations we receive, the more children we can help. Donations over $2.00 are fully tax deductible and are payable to “The Operation Restore Hope Philippines Relief Fund”.  Or you can make an online donation by going to www.givenow.com.au/operationrestorehope

To find out more about Operation Restore Hope and to see how you can help, please go to the website: www.operationrestorehope.org or contact the charity as follows:

Operation Restore Hope Australia P.O. Box 1185, Double Bay NSW 1360 Australia

Tel: intl+61 2 9362 7480 Fax: intl+61 2 9328 6036 Email: orha@operationrestorehope.org

Operation Restore Hope Update

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson – Specialist Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

More than 40 Missions Completed!!!

Operation Restore Hope has been operating in the Philippines since 1994 and has now completed more than forty surgical missions and well over 2,500 operations. This surgical charity founded by plastic surgeon, Dr Darryl Hodgkinson of Double Bay, Sydney focuses on cleft lip and palate surgery although there services branch out to include other birth defects and deformities.

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What is different about Operation Restore Hope?

Although there are many charities offering surgical services Operation Restore Hope operates at a community level integrating with local health care providers to identify and provide surgery for indigent children in that particular community. We work with local “barangay” baby health care and immunisation centres and birthing centres to assist in referring to a local hospital where the children can be registered and prepared for their free operations.

We have been fortunate to have the cooperation of our NGO partner, Rotary Club of Metro Cebu – RCMC since day one. This Rotary club has been our conduit to the community, assisting us with our hospital relationships and licensure, as well as making sure that the children with cleft lip and palate in the communities we work in are cared for. They provide transportation, food and when necessary housing for children and their families during the mission enabling us to focus on the clinical side of things. With this type of cooperation on the ground, Operation Restore Hope has been able to create a community of care that is difficult for a surgical mission that flies in and out to develop.  We have always tried to improve the infrastructure of the community hospitals by donating needed supplies and equipment such as recovery room monitors, sterilizers etc. as well as refurbishing facilities as required allowing the local hospital to function more effectively even when the missions are not in town.

Local Filipino Surgeons Working Hand in Hand

Over the last three years Operations Restore Hope has identified highly qualified local surgeons who can provide surgery for the most complex of cases which are not suitable for one stage cleft missions. The cost of us supporting a local surgeon is approximately 25% of that which would be required to raise funds to send a patient to Australia to have the same surgery. Dr Tape Gurango, from Philippine Children’s Medical Centre in Quezon City (PCMC) operates on ORH complex cases with the financial support of ORH. These rare cases may take multiple procedures and multiple hospital stays to complete. Operation Restore Hope also supports the NAM (Nasoalveolar Moulding) Program at PCMC which helps to mould the deformed jaws and nose of a wide cleft child allowing for a better first stage surgical repair result.

Over the past 20 years Dr Hodgkinson has maintained a positive relationship with and has engendered the local Filipino plastic surgeons and the charity is therefore able to benefit from their support and commitment. Dr Hodgkinson was proud to be a special guest at the 50th anniversary at PAPRAS (Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons).

Operation Restore Hope is supported by private donations only. No funds come from the government. No funds are spent on administration, all funds go directly towards the children’s surgery. All surgeons, anaesthetists, dentists, nurses, administrators, accountants etc. are volunteers. Many of these volunteers have been volunteering their time and expertise for years and a few since the charity’s humble beginnings. Without the help of volunteers none of this would be possible. Fundraising and membership are essential to continue this vital work. Please consider a contribution to Operation Restore Hope and give a child the chance to go to school whole with a normal face and the potential to achieve like other children. These children deserve and can have a brighter tomorrow.


Dr Darryl Hodgkinson, Founder and Director of Operation Restore Hope with Partner Surgeon, Dr Taps Gurango of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Manila.

For more information about Operation Restore Hope, see   www.operationrestorehope.org  or email the charity at  ORHA@operationrestorehope.org


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